Presentation Schedule after May 2017

International Conference

  • Satoshi Nagayama, Shogo Muramatsu, Hiroyoshi Yamada and Yuuichi Sugiyama: Complex Nonseparable Oversampled Lapped Transform for Sparse Representation of Millimeter Wave Radar Image,  Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Image Processing(ICIP), Beijing, China, Sept. 2017, to appear
  • Genki Fujii and Shogo Muramatsu: Adaptive Learning Rate Control for Nonseparable Oversampled Lapped Transform Design, Proc. of ITC-CSCC, Busan, Korea, July 2017, to appear

Laboratory Logo

We created a laboratory logo and will show it off.

The three planes represent lab attitudes that emphasize cooperation of theory, algorithm, and implementation. It also expresses multidimensional space.

The color scheme is based on the sea, sunset and rice field scenery.

In the GIF animation, the relation of three planes is revealed!