Please Join to SS08 at APSIPA ASC 2017!

Call for Papers: SS08 – Advanced Topics on Structured Dictionary for Multidimensional Signal Processing

We are organizing a special session at APSIPA ASC 2017.

Date: 12-15th December 2017
Venue: Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral Sentral, Kuala Lumpur
Submission Deadline: 14 June 2017  30 June 2017 (final)

It is our great pleasure that you will contribute papers to the following special session.

Special Session ID:


Special Session Title:

Advanced Topics on Structured Dictionary for Multidimensional Signal Processing

Session Abstract:

Along with the diversification of the sensing environment and the development of computational sensing technology, the need for signal acquisition under poor environment or exceeding the device’s limitation is increasing day by day. From this background, it is an important task to improve the quality of image and volumetric data restoration techniques. With the spread of IoT technology, it is also essential to achieve compatibility between image and volumetric data compression and security. This special session consists of advanced topics on structured dictionaries that focus on sparse signal processing to achieve multidimensional signal restoration, compression, and security. We will balance the theory, design and application lecture, and promote multidisciplinary discussion.

Names of the Organizers:

Shogo Muramatsu, Assoc.Prof. (Niigata University)
Seisuke Kyochi, Assoc. Prof. (University of Kitakyushu)

Accepted Special Sessions

Please Join to SS08 at APSIPA ASC 2017!

Contact Infomaton is here.

Prof. Supavadee Aramvith, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, visited MSIP Lab

On May 11, 2007,  Prof. Supavadee Aramvith, Associate Professor of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, visited our Lab.

From 14:00, we went to Gyokusen-do in Tsubame-city, a traditional hammered copper craft company, with Dr. Abe and Dr. Ikarashi from Industrial Research Institute of Niigata Prefecture.

We took a tour of the factory and got an explanation on the manufacturing process of their products and then exchanged opinions on the SCOPE project “Research and Development of Virtual Showcase to Support the Global Sales Strategy of Traditional Crafts” granted by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan.

From 16:25, Prof. Aramvith gave us a 90-minute lecture “advanced technology” to the master’s program students about the research results on  video processing and communications.

We were able to exchange useful information on research and education and deepen friendships.


Presentation Schedule after May 2017

International Conference

  • Satoshi Nagayama, Shogo Muramatsu, Hiroyoshi Yamada and Yuuichi Sugiyama: Complex Nonseparable Oversampled Lapped Transform for Sparse Representation of Millimeter Wave Radar Image,  Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Image Processing(ICIP), Beijing, China, Sept. 2017, to appear
  • Genki Fujii and Shogo Muramatsu: Adaptive Learning Rate Control for Nonseparable Oversampled Lapped Transform Design, Proc. of ITC-CSCC, Busan, Korea, July 2017, to appear

Laboratory Logo

We created a laboratory logo and will show it off.

The three planes represent lab attitudes that emphasize cooperation of theory, algorithm, and implementation. It also expresses multidimensional space.

The color scheme is based on the sea, sunset and rice field scenery.

In the GIF animation, the relation of three planes is revealed!