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Development of biological 3-D tomographic imaging device using variable frequency wideband optical comb


MSIP Lab is working on restoring medical images by usign signal processing techniques. In this project, we aim to clarify the vibration mechanism and auditory function of the inner ear cochlea. By optical coherence tomography (OCT), tomographic images and volumetric data of living tissues are measured with a spatial resolution in μm order. Meanwhile, deterioration of observation data (sensitivity noise of imaging device, blur due to lens aberration, etc.) is a problem. In MSIP Lab, we study the restoration algorithm for volumetric data and aim to improve the quality of OCT data.


Journal Papers

  • Samuel Choi, Fumiaki Nin, Takeru Ota, Kouhei Sato, Shogo Muramatsu, and Hiroshi Hibino , In vivo tomographic visualization of intracochlear vibration using a supercontinuum multifrequency-swept optical coherence microscope , Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 10, No.7, 10.1364/BOE.10.003317, pp.3317-3342, July 2019.
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International Conferences

  • Shogo Muramatsu, Samuel Choi, Shunske Ono, Takeru Ota, Fumiaki Nin, Hiroshi Hibino: OCT Volumetric Data Restoration via Primal-Dual Plug-and-Play Method, Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Audio, Speech and Signal Processing, Calgary, Apr. 2018
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