Profile of Researcher

Masanobu NAGAO, Ph.D.

InstituteInstitute of Humanities and Social Sciences
School/FacultyGraduate School of Modern Society and Culture/ Faculty of Engineering Department of Engineering Engineering Management program
Job TitleAssociate Professor
Research Fieldsplace branding, relationship marketing, CSV(Creating Shared Value), Collaboration
DegreeB.A.(Environment and Information Studies) Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University,
Master of Media and Governance [M.M.G.] Media and Governance, Keio University
Ph.D., Business administration, Keio University

Introduction of Our laboratory

In recent years, the Japanese government has set up a tourism-oriented country, and the expansion of the exchange population has been shown to the important issues of Niigata Prefecture. The focus is on branding the place itself, that is, place branding worldwide. In Place Branding, we think that an abstract space will be transformed into a meaningful place by various people making the sense of place independently.
In our laboratory, we are investigating place-branding structure and aspects through place-brand recognition analysis, qualitative analysis based on field work, and workshops in local communities. Students also improve their ability to discover problems, plan and communicate through collaborative projects with local people, companies and local governments.


Workshop in the local community

Research results book “PLACE BRANDING”