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Education Principles

Engineers who can respond to needs from assistive technokogy users

The Department educates future engineers who are literate in biocybernetics and who will become leaders in electronics, computers, system devices, and control systems. The Department's education principles are set out below.

  • We educate engineers who have a satisfactory command of basic technology and the flexibility to respond to diverse needs.
  • We educate engineering leaders who can think independently and act with initiative.
  • We educate engineers with an international perspective.

Education Objectives

The Department's education objectives are set out below.

  • To instill students with literacy in biocybernetics.
  • To develop students' understanding, mastery, and application skills in relation to the basic theories and technology of biocybernetics, assistive technology, and biomedical engineering.
  • To develop students' understanding of basic subjects in electrical and electronic engineering and computer science.
  • To have students acquire basic knowledge in cross-discipline fields that include mechanical engineering and computer science/electrical and electronic engineering.
  • To instill students with the ability to define, analyze, and solve problems (includes IT literacy education).
  • To nurture students' proficiency in communications and in accurately conveying their thoughts and intentions.
  • To cultivate students' ethics as future engineers.